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The cutest messenger in [matrix]

Mobile and desktop screenshots
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Easy to use

FluffyChat is designed to be as easy to use as possible. No one should be left behind.

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Material You

The well polished design is based on Material You and works great on all platforms.

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With end-to-end encryption, cross-signing and encrypted backups, FluffyChat is one of the most secure messenger out there.

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You can choose the server you want to use or even self-host your own!

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Push Notifications

You can choose between Firebase Cloud Messaging or the more privacy focused Unified Push.

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With spaces you can join or create a community which organizes chats and users. Using sub-spaces you can even nest your communities.

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Video calls

Still an experimental feature but you can already try out video and audio calls, compatible with other [matrix] clients.

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Create your own sticker sets and share them with your friends. You can even use them as inline emojis.

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FluffyChat is compatible with any other [matrix] client like Element, Nheko, Cinny or NeoChat.